Rise and Drift

by JindaLee

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released January 14, 2014

All songs and lyrics written by JindaLee Lehmann
Produced by Daniel Jacques and JindaLee Lehmann
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Jacques
Recorded at various locations and studios around Toronto

JindaLee Lehmann on vocals and acoustic guitar

Chris Banks on upright and electric bass
Richard St.Onge on cello
Nicolas Buligan on trumpet and flugelhorn
Thom Gill on electric guitar
Daniel Jacques on drum machine

Photography and artwork by
Sarah D'Angelo and Sarah Rafter




all rights reserved


JindaLee Toronto, Ontario

JindaLee is a Toronto based singer/songwriter releasing her third full length album, Wild Spectrum, on November 29th.
Born and raised in rural Alberta, Canada. She has lived in Germany, Montreal and Japan before moving to Toronto where she met the band she has been playing and touring with for over five years. JindaLee has toured extensively in North America, Europe, and Japan.
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Track Name: Sleep it Off
Counting up clovers, leaves on your shoulders
Waking up slowly, sleep it off slowly
Walk through the heathers, northern Septembers
Sneaking up slowly, walk it off slowly
I know this all won't change fast
Pulling weeds out between blades of grass
Taking steps like never before
Trying not to step on the thorns

Keep it together smoking lavender
Take it in slowly, inhale it slowly
Fast burning fire, growing up higher
Put it out slowly
Let it die slowly
I wonder how we'll get by
Finding rain in the corners of our lives
Feeling temperatures rise at the core
Trying not to let it pour.

Oh this volcano, raging volcano
Burning up, burning up
Ocean is breathing, tree tops whispering
Turn it up, turn it up

But then light like a sunrise, shining off the belly of a bird
You come back into my life, slow and steady like earth
But you're fire and I'm water, you've got me boiling over
I don't wanna let you go, but I cannot hold on forever

Drink up the water, purest spring water
Drink it up slowly, take it in slowly
Fast moving river, freeze in November
Breaking ice slowly, melting it slowly
I feel, feel how you feel
A giant step in a wide open field
You've got trees growing between your feet
But my love is too strong to keep.
Track Name: Ribcage Armour
Open your chest and let it all out
Cause I'm not gonna hold back a shout
I'm made up of wings
I'm gonna work on flying

Here you can count all of your bones
One by one until you lose track
I've got too many ribs,
They're gonna keep my heart in a cage

Cause I'm still casting this ribcage armour, for the fight
And I've got, one thing I can't stop thinking about, protect the heart

I'm gonna start, start letting go
Inhale in the day and go on, exhale at night
I'll fill up my lungs till they can't fill no more
Until my breathing rhythm is as steady as the ocean
I'm not gonna, ohh ohhhh ohh....

Careful now, cause you don't want one bone to break
All of these years and just a hairline fracture
Strength in the marrow, bones as tough as an arrow

I'm still casting this ribcage armour, for the fight.
And I've got one thing I can't do without, protect the heart.
Track Name: Vanitas
I never know what's behind in the black background
Gonna find another line to cross to settle my mind
Gonna fill a room and get used to it, before I fall apart
Cause I've got chances laughing at my beating heart
I've got chances tearing me apart

If I stay, If I stay too long will you ask me to go
If I come on too strong will you leave me alone
But if I let it, If I let it all fade away well then what will I have left to say
I've got chances dropping from my eyes
I've got chances hiding in disguise

Well I wasn't expected this to shift
When what's in front of my eyes in only a trick
And I'm grasping at what I can't see, I don't wanna miss
Is it better to leave this in the dark
Or should just bring it to the light

All I know is real is what I can feel
What's alive, what's still alive and what I can breathe life into
The bleakness of the last landscape that I grew close to
I've got chances hanging from my arms
I've got chances if I just let it go

Well I wasn't expecting this to shift
When what's in front of my eyes is all adrift
I'm grasping at what I can't see in the dark
Was it better to have brought this to the light
Or should we just have left it in the dark
Track Name: Unfortunate Heart
Well I've got one unfortunate heart
This is something I've been trying to work out
They say lucky in money, unlucky in love
But I gambled away all my cash and now I've spent all my
But I don't know you and you don't know me
You're just some distant part of my memory
I don't know you and you don't know me
We're just two people living in the same city
The same goddamn city
DIfferent parts of the same city
The same goddamn city

I found this place on a weather chart
When you don't know where to go next it's best to follow your heart
One month deep and it's a wreck
Never thought things would fall apart so quick
But I don't know you and you don't know me
I guess that means that we were never meant to be
Yeah I don't know you and you don't know me
Does that mean that we were never meant to meet
The nights are shabby in the days I'm weary
And there's nothing left here, nothing left of me
The nights are shabby in the days I'm weary
And there's nothing left here, nothing left of me.

But if I see you, or you see me, walking over this raging city
Those highways braided the sky seems faded
I'm waiting on your message but it will never come

But I know you and you sure know me
And that's why I can't just go on and forget about you
Yeah I know you and you sure know me
And that's why I can't just go on and move on from you
Yeah I know you and you sure know me
And that's why I think that we were always meant to be
Yeah I know you and sure know me
And that's why I'm walking around these streets aimlessly
Track Name: White Crane
All of these white cranes are flying above my head
All of these fields are reflecting skyscrapers
And I'm just sitting here waiting for some kind of sign

I'm in the forest surrounded by city scape
And I'm in the mountains I'm held back by metal gates
No matter where I am, I'm never all that far from the sea

You've got a reason to build up those walls
Those grey cold walls
But I don't think that you know what you're up against
Got a heart made of cement

So I walk to through gate and up one hundred and three steps to the top where the forest opens up
and from there I can see the wings of a thousand white cranes

And I counted them each and I watched them take off
My heart started beating an adrenaline rush
But all I could hear was the sound of the dead rustling leaves.

This kind of thing doesn't happen a lot
You gotta pick the right spot
When all the neon blaring noise goes on turns off
Then what will be left

All of these real cranes, will turn into paper and get folded again
Then tied, tied to a string
Just like a discarded bad fortune
Just like a feather caught in the wind
All the remaining pieces falling.

I'm looking forward to walking away from you
And I'm looking forward to staying in bed with you
But no matter where I am, I never quite belong.
Cause I'm just the blue heron
I will always be the blue heron
Track Name: Space Between
Black smoke, billowing from a shared toke
We got so drunk that time, no one remembers what happened that night
And it changes so fast
They say nothing really ever lasts
When you choose who your body chooses
And it's hard to let go of that

Hands on hands
Judging the length of them
Measuring space between
Finding excuses to touch

Starless night, you stay till the morning light
And you look in my eyes
For so long, how can you see that far

Careful love or at least pretend to be careful
When I hold in my words too long
And then choosing to hold them some more

Hands on hands, calculating lines on them
Observing the way they bend
Finding excuses to touch
Track Name: Out Loud
One restless night and one restless day
When you find yourself pulling away
And you lack all the right words to say
But it doesn't matter cause there's nothing left anyway

I took quite a fall but I knew it all along
Oh but if you just keep me in the know I'm gonna try to be so strong

And all the things that I counted on in one night
Suddenly changed with the new days slanting light
And I can't just turn and walk the other way
Cause I've come too far to not try and stay

I took quite a fall and I knew it all along
But I'd do it all again or am I just trying to appear strong

What gives hope oh babe I never know
But this kind of silence
You know you're pulling me through so much anxiety
I never knew what it felt like to forget how to breathe
The lump in my throat saying all I can't say
And that grey in your eyes is giving everything away
Why don't you go on, go on just say goodbye
And I'll try real hard not to cry out loud
Out lout, out loud, out loud.....

You're the moon and I'm all that missed it
And the sun never ceased to come up
I know without you I'm gonna be okay
I just gotta wait for the sheen to wear away

I took quite a fall and I knew it all along
But if you just tell me the truth I'm gonna try to be so strong
Track Name: First Snowfall
Come stumbling in, in from the cold
Snow in your eyes, adjust to the light
And if I could draw a line, from my heart to yours
Well then maybe I would see, just how lucky I've been

And in this senseless life
Things are too bright
You throw off your shoes
I keep dreaming about you
And when everything stands still
And then happens again
Like a picture in a frame
I keep moving around the room

Oh and if only time could tell but we keep changing
Oh but when it all comes down to it the truth is we're exactly the same
I just smile a little less and you smile just a little bit more
It's the first snowfall of the year and it keeps coming back
I'm making patterns that I'll never clear the snow keeps coming back
And just when I start to let go, the snow keeps coming back

Who'll be the first, the first to say no
When I'm the last person you look at when you leave the room
It's so cold here now, but I can't seem to leave

Snow coming down, new on the ground
I don't know what this means, 'cept the seasons have changed
If I hold you like and then leave the next day
Will you keep coming back or just be on way
I keep asking for one, just one more night
I keep asking for one, just one more night
I keep asking for one, just one more night
And you keep giving me one, just one more night